The mystery of Tel Aviv’s Jane Doe alleys

May 26, 2016

Off the crowded, boisterous sidewalks of Tel Aviv’s King George Street lie two, small dead-end alleyways with the most cryptic names: Almonit and Plonit. Almoni in Hebrew means anonymous, and the phrases Ploni Almoni and Plonit Almonit are the equivalent of John and Jane Doe, an unknown person.

On today’s episode of the JPost Podcast, we’re back with “A Road by Any Other Name,” the segment where we delve into the strange and interesting stories behind Israel’s street names.

The story behind Tel Aviv's "anonymous" alleys strikes at the heart of one of Israel’s central identity crises, as a socialist or capitalist state.

We’re joined by tour guide Samuel Green. You can find more information about Samuel’s tours and hire him at


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